Please note!

For our English speaking customers only!

The order process is mainly done in German, but very easy to follow:

- You have to choose the option of "card value" first (concerning the engraving).
- Then you can click on "In den Warenkorb" - what means that you've put in your
- Next you click "Weiter zur Kasse" which brings you to the form to choose your
- You find there a drop-down menu to select your country; by clicking on "Wählen"
   it opens up.
- Please note:
  "Vereinigte Staaten" are the U.S.A.
  "Vereinigtes Königreich" is United Kingdom / Great Britain
- Once you selected your country, you can fill in your complete address.
- "Vorname" is your first or given name, "Nachname" your last name or surname.
- "Firma" means that you can fill in optional a firm's name.
- "Straße" is your street address name, "Hausnummer" is your house or street
- "Postleitzahl" is your zip code.
- "Stadt" is your city.
- The field "Telefon" is entirely optional!
- If you need or want a different invoice address (not relevant for delivery), check
   the box "eine andere Rechnungsadresse auswählen" - then you can fill it in here
   as well.
- Next click "Weiter" which brings you to the final check out.
- Here you find the total including postage and the already enclosed VAT ("MwSt.").
   It does NOT change the price of the product, but adds the costs of postage.
- Before you can click on the PayPal button you have to check the box underneath 
   the green field/above the PayPal button. This is just to confirm that you 
   understood and accepted the terms of business and our actions to protect your 
   personal data. 
- Then you are almost done, as you get automatically transferred to PayPal.